Fasteners for Leatherwork

Written on 11 Nov 2014

P1050884 copyThere are a good choice of fasteners available for your leatherwork projects but the following three are possibly the favourites:

‘Press studs (aka poppers) are perfect if you need something to be opened quickly. They’re one of the less bulky fasteners too but only look good if fitted correctly so be sure to select the correct size for the task.  I find ‘Opas Southern Ltd’ to be a good place to source these, but don’t forget to purchase the setting tool…

The Sam Browne stud is always a good choice if you want something relatively secure but not too fiddly to open and close.  Again, it’s important to use the correct size punch for the stud to ensure a snug fit.  If ‘Joseph Dixon Ltd’ don’t have a punch to fit, they’ll make you one.

Traditional style buckles are available in all shapes, sizes and finishes so there’s plenty of choice. Buckles also tend be sold as either ‘half’, or ‘full’ buckles so be sure to order the correct one for your project ( The one shown here in the image, is a half buckle).  ‘Le Prevo’ have a good range to choose from as do ‘Abbey England’ particularly if you’re looking for the more traditional style with a brass finish.

If you’ve got any unique fastener ideas, or suppliers of these that you’d like to share, please let us know by email and we’ll credit you here.


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