Waxing the Thread – Errata

Issue 1: Project 2 Making Progress Page 20
Please visit Pattern piece 2 – FLAP. Page 21
The centre of the hole for the Chicago Screw, should be positioned 1.5cm from the FLAP edge, not 3cm as stated on the pattern.
Note that the pattern error has been rectified in the combined issue 01 & 02, now shown on page 27.

Issue 1: (first version only) Page Small Handbag Page 30
Gusset length on pattern should read 45.7 cm not 47.5 cm
Note that all reprints have had this error rectified

Issue 4: Buying Leather Page 7.
Oil Tanning: Generally refers to a tanned leather with oils added, making it more resistant to water. This is different to leather tanned with fish oils; an example of this being chamois leather, which is porous.

Issue 8: Project 2; Camera Bag Page 21.
Pattern Piece 1 of 5 – replace -BACK- with -BASE- when you make this pattern piece. The -BASE- is the smallest block on the this pattern piece. (We’re pretty sure you’d have worked this one out yourselves).

Issue 8: Credits Page 3.
Pangolin Design: Cat Coquillette – should read Page 29 (not page 28 as listed)

Issue 9: Projects 1 and 2.
For help with hand stitching see the video; Hand Stitching Leather. http://bit.ly/gdh-videos


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