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Traditional Leatherwork Courses

Leather Bag Making Course

An exciting and absorbing two day course for men and women, which teaches you how to make your own beautiful leather tote, messenger or satchel. A completely ‘hands on’ course with plenty of support and encouragement as you construct your hand-made leather bag working from one of our pre-cut patterns – so while you’ll learn an abundance of new skills, there’s not too much maths necessary for you to enjoy this course!… Find out more orbuy a gift voucher

Satchel Course

Leather Satchel Course

A practical and enjoyable two day course spent learning how to make a hand stitched leather satchel. Perfectly suitable for men and women, this course has been designed to increase your skills but there’s no need to worry if you’re new to leatherwork, as beginners are also welcome.  Your beautiful two-tone leather, cross-body satchel will be completed in just a weekend… Find out more

Leather Glove Making Course

An exciting three day course spent learning the beautiful craft of leather glove making. Perfectly suitable for men and women, this course will introduce you to the history of glove making and equip you with the knowledge and skills required to make your trial glove.  Learn about glove anatomy; sizes, patterns and measuring; glove making stitches including edge and decorative…  Find out more

An Introduction To Leatherwork Course

During this one day course students gain an thorough introduction to leatherwork tools, materials and skills. Spend the day making a smart leather belt, mobile phone slip, or perhaps a sleeve for your *electronic device while mastering the skills of a traditional leatherworker. This course is a wonderful, stress free introduction to leatherwork…. Find out more

Leatherwork Weekend Taster

A weekend taster course for beginners who are interested in learning the skills of a traditional leatherworker. This course gives you the opportunity to try your hand at many of the essential leatherworkers’ skills including hand cutting & stitching in a traditional saddler’s clam, professional finishing, use of leather dyes, wet moulding leather and blind embossing and decoration… Find out more

Hand Stitched Leather Book-sleeve

Hand Stitched Leather Book-sleeve Course

A two day beginners, or introductory level leatherwork course teaching you how to create and construct beautiful protective leather book sleeves and jackets. A very practical course teaching hand stitching skills and a basic introduction to pattern making. These beautiful book sleeves can be professionally embossed with titles and students will be also be able to personalise them. This course is suitable for anyone who would like to spend a relaxing leather-working weekend in a small group setting… Find out more

The Open Course

Design, develop and make your own leatherwork project. Spend four very informative days on any project of your choice. From designing, to developing and on to creating, we’ll help you take your design from paper, to reality. Using natural vegetable tanned leather and traditional hand stitching techniques you will learn how to build your design in a structured and successful way, to ensure professional results. If you’ve been looking for a traditional leatherwork course that allows and encourages you, to create a project that’s entirely your own design, then this is the course for you… Find out more

Moulded Leather Bag or Rucksack Course

This four day course is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to wet-mould vegetable tanned leather and create a smart moulded leather bag or rucksack. Equally suitable for men or women it teaches the basic skills required to create moulded leather goods. This is a very practical, hands-on course focusing on wet-moulding and hand stitching vegetable tanned leather … Find out more

Leather Boxes Course

Leather Boxes Course

This three day course concentrates on teaching the ‘box’ and ‘butt’ stitches required to make beautiful, cylindrical, leather keepsake containers. A very practical course which is equally suitable for men and women who would like to learn how to make these luxurious items for re-sale, gifts, or just for themselves! Find out more

7 day ‘Intensive Leatherwork Course’

This course is for those who’d like to develop more advanced leatherwork techniques and projects.  The course presents an opportunity for students to make a good range of sample seams to take home with them, plus work on a project of their choice while they’re here. New skills and techniques are so much easier to master in class than they are if struggling to work through them on your own … Find out more

Leather and Art Courses

Leather Mask Making Course

This one day course is the perfect opportunity to be creative. A mix of sculpture, art and design all in one course. A full day of leather carving, moulding, stamping and dying, resulting in an amazing masterpiece you’ll be proud to take home! Not too challenging, but lots of fun and a fantastic introduction to this intriguing art… Find out more


Waxing the Thread - Issue 3

Waxing the Thread – Issue 3

The third issue of Waxing The Thread. A UK leatherwork magazine for hobbyists of the craft. 36 pages filled with easy-to-follow projects, patterns, tips, techniques and leatherwork related articles, there’s plenty inside to help you develop your skills…

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Waxing the Thread - Issue 2

Waxing the Thread – Issue 2

The second issue of Waxing The Thread. A UK leatherwork magazine for hobbyists of the craft. 36 pages filled with easy-to-follow projects, patterns, tips, techniques and leatherwork related articles, there’s plenty inside to help you develop your skills…

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Waxing the Thread - Issue 1

Waxing the Thread – Issue 1

‘Waxing the Thread’ is a practical workshop magazine for hobbyists of traditional leatherwork. The first project in issue 1 is aimed at complete novices as well as those who’d like a ‘reminder’ of basic techniques. Follow the simple step-by-step guide and colour photos as you work through the project. You’ll also find an essential introduction to pattern making as part of Project 1, plus a follow-on project which will reinforce your new pattern making and leatherwork skills…. Buy Now

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