How To Make a Leather Card Slip – Part 3. Assembly

Written on 26 Aug 2016


IMG_8026 copy-resized-1024pxThis is the last of the 3 Part series, ‘How To Make a Leather Card Slip’. If you have your pattern pieces prepared as shown in Part 2. of this series, you’re ready to assemble your leather project; full assembly instructions are here…

Make a Leather Card Slip Part 1 Tool Up

Written on 24 Aug 2016

Beginners Project: Make a Leather Card Slip  Part 1 Tool up

Make a Leather Card Slip Part 1 Tool Up

General leather-work tools

In the first of our 3 Part series ‘How To Make a Leather Card Slip’, we’re starting with a simple, yet very useful project. The card slip is a great starter project as it’s relatively quick to make and will help build your confidence. Below we’ve included a list of everything you’ll need but don’t worry too much if you have a different sized Pricking Iron or thread to that shown here as we’re aiming for good results at this stage, rather than absolute perfection! 🙂  Provided you have a basic toolkit you can make use of what you have and still get great results! 

Bound Edge Seam

Written on 18 May 2016

Bound Edge Seam on a leather purse

Image – Bound edge seam on a leather purse

A bound edge seam is initially created in the same way as the cut edge seam but after the two pieces of leather have been glued together, a separate, thin strip of leather the same length as the seam – see image and paragraph below – is folded over the edge of the seam before stitching.

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