Butt and Box Stitch – Part 5. Practising Box Stitch

Written on 02 Oct 2016

Leather pots and containers

Cylindrical keepsake pots which have been both butt and box stitched

This post follows on from the previous blog post ‘Butt and Box Stitch – Part 4. Preparing for Box Stitch’, and assumes that you have prepared your leather, ready to start practising Box Stitch.

Firstly, prepare a thread which is at least five times the length of the area to be stitched, with an additional 8 or 9 cm.

Butt and Box Stitch – Part 4. Preparing for Box Stitching

Written on 05 Sep 2016

Box Stitching leather

stitching right angles

On first sight Box Stitch can look a bit daunting, but it’s really not much different to Butt Stitch. If you’ve gained confidence in angling the harness awl to exit exactly where you want it for Butt Stitch, you’re just a small step away from mastering Box Stitch.

Butt and Box Stitch. Part 3 – Problems with Butt Stitch

Written on 03 Sep 2016

Leather keepsake box/container

Problems with butt stitch can be overcome, resulting in beautiful leather items

Welcome to the third part of the series, ‘Butt and Box Stitch’.

If you’ve been following this series you may have already been practising ‘Butt Stitch’ as outlined in ‘Part 2 – Understanding Butt Stitch’. If so, you may also have come across one or two problems. Below, I have outlined the common problems with butt stitch and how to overcome them with further practise.

Butt and Box stitch. Part 1- Tool up!

Written on 31 Aug 2016

Leather Tube. Butt and Box stitchedLeather pots, tubes and containers are something to not only store and protect something you cherish, but are to be cherished themselves. Hand made and hand stitched, these beautiful items can be made in almost any size once you’ve learnt how to create them.

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